Friday, January 15, 2010

Seasonal Changes

I thought I'd share a painting I completed this week. I had a photo with some pretty unusual lighting in it--very early spring: cold, dark sky in the background, strong sunlight in the foreground, and all of the vegetation either bare or muted in color. I did like the shapes.

Soon after taking the photo I developed my composition, and produced a small color study. This process brought more familiarity with the subject, and solidified ideas about color and value balance. (I was also thinking I might want to change the season to something with a bit more color.)

The photos I have posted here represent the compositional sketch/pencil block-in on a panel, the preliminary color masses of the major shapes, and the completed painting.

As the painting progressed, early spring gradually became warm early autumn. I've been experimenting again with surfaces, and this panel had enough tooth for many layers.
Moving away from the local color allowed me the freedom to develop a color relationship that doesn't allow any one thing to become dominant. Subtle temperature shifts help to unify the colors in the painting, while embedded shared color exists throughout the painting.

Although I love the power poles, they dominated what was becoming a more peaceful scene--so they'll have to wait for another painting!

The Intersection.
10 x 8.

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  1. Hi Susan!

    First of all, I had a wonderful experience at your Springfield, OR workshop. Thank you for the depth of your instruction!!

    Second of all, I have given you the Sunshine Award for your detailed blog posts. You share generously your thoughts and considerations about art making.

    Check out my blog for details and share the Sunshine! Katherine

  2. Love this piece Susan! Its a little gem.